Rehearsal Plan – August 14, 2019

Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m so excited about how our first performance went! There were a couple of hiccups, but (!) they were not things that had ever happened before! That means that we had no way of knowing they were going to happen. Most importantly, we recovered well and without missing a beat. It was an outing of which we should all be proud. You’re all rock stars!

We still have one more week off, but I wanted to send out the rehearsal plan for August 14 – our dress rehearsal for Victoria Beach! (I’ll be sending out the concert information by the end of next week – I’m hoping by the end of Friday as per usual).

Speaking of Victoria Beach – we have 1 request for car-pool. Our ride-seeker is in St James, but I was told that getting to River Heights would not be a problem. If you are: planning to go to the barbecue, able to take 1 person, and in either St James or River Heights, please let me know (either via the email account or in the comments of this post) and I’ll see that you’re connected at our rehearsal on Aug 14.

Speaking of rehearsal! Below is the playlist for Victoria Beach. (Intermission will not necessarily coincide with our rehearsal break!) Pieces in bold will definitely be reviewed at rehearsal. The Blue Orchid (marked with an asterisk) is not on the programme, but if time is not my friend and we need it, I may call for it. So, without further ado, here’s our programme:

22 – The Stripper

70 – The Maple Leaf Forever

69 – City of Dreams

65 – Moana

30 – Funiculi, Funicula

7 – Swing the Mood


44 – Glee Showstoppers

66 – Arctic Fire

52 – 76 Trombones

71 – Garlandstone

42 – Northwind

72 – Where No Man Has Gone Before

17 – Eine Kleine Rockmusik

*25 – The Blue Orchid

I hope everyone is having a restful break! I’ll be in touch next week with the concert details for Victoria Beach.

Happy playing!

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