Advance Planning – Victoria Beach – August 17, 2019

It’s that time again – where Victoria Beach is rushing towards us headlong. We have our performance on Wednesday, two weeks off, a rehearsal on August 14, then the gig on August 17th. It’s coming faster than you think!!

For those of you who are new to us (or who need convincing that this is a superfun gig and you should totally come!), last year I posted a sort of intro to this gig. Here’s the link to that post – this year’s dates are different, but the general idea is the same. I expect to post concert order late this week (I expect by midnight on Friday night).

There are some administrative matters to bring to your attention.

First and foremost: The deadline to provide numbers for parking passes AND attendance at the Barbecue is FRIDAY, JULY 26. (I will be asking for a show of hands at the concert – so please don’t run away superfast at the end! – on Wednesday).

  • The band is paying for parking for us – we will have vouchers available at the Aug 14 rehearsal. There will also be someone at the gate on the concert day for those who can’t attend the Aug 14 rehearsal. We would very much appreciate for band members to carpool as much as possible. If you are someone who needs a ride to Victoria Beach on August 17, please, please, please let us know ASAP so we can try to accommodate you – I will be trying to connect drivers with riders on Aug 14 at rehearsal. I recommend that you email the band ( and be sure to include what area of the city you’re in so that we can pair you up with someone nearby. We also need a rough idea of how many parking passes we require. I will survey the band at the concert, but if you are not at the concert, please let me know if your vehicle requires a parking pass by July 26.
  • The committee needs final numbers in order to ensure we have enough food at Victoria Beach. If you cannot attend/cannot not vote at the July 24 concert, and are planning to eat with us after the concert on August 17, please comment the total number of people in your group (yourself + spouse + guests). Please let us know no later than July 26 so we have a rough estimate.

The key to a fun day at the beach is practising good self-care. Expect to require sunscreen, bug repellent, lots of water, a hat, and I would recommend that you pack something warm/rain resistant, just in case! Check the weather, and plan accordingly. It would also be a good idea to take some sort of folding/lawn chair for use at the Woolisons’ cottage, as I know, while they are amazing hosts, they don’t have enough seats available for everyone. (I wouldn’t either if 30+ people were to descend on my house!)

This year, we are rather more numerous than we have been in past years. We will try to fit ourselves into the bandstand, but there is a chance we may need to migrate to the lawn due to our numbers as it’s always been a tight squeeze for us. (I hope we can all be good cuddle-buddies and remain under the shade! Well, I won’t be, but that’s okay).

I think that’s everything on my list for today.

I hope to see most of you on Wednesday!

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