Rehearsal Plan – July 17, 2019

Apologies for the lateness of the post. (I was at last night’s Bombers game – go Blue!)

Our latest rehearsal was a smashing success! I am so proud of what we’re accomplishing this summer! The level of music we’re managing is much more challenging than I thought we’d be able to master – that’s on all of you because you’re putting in the time, the effort, the home practise. (I really didn’t expect we’d be ready for Glee, City of Dreams, AND the Maple Leaf Forever! Not to mention that we haven’t had to spend a lot of time on Moana or Arctic Fire). There is something really magical about this group – the way we pull together, the ultra-supportive environment (nothing makes my heart swell more than when you start applauding each other’s successes). You all approach this group in a really professional way, and it shows in your playing.

This week’s rehearsal is a dress rehearsal, so expect the usual routine to be disrupted a bit. Firstly, we will not have a sight-reading piece this week. The first half of our rehearsal will involve running our program in order (as outlined below). The second half of rehearsal will involve spot-rehearsing (if anything serious goes wrong in the run-through) and work on some pieces we need to prep for Victoria Beach. There are also some administrative details and reminders on my agenda.

Bruce will be bringing the Band T-Shirts to rehearsal this week. They cost $12 each. The Band T-Shirt is the preferred uniform of the Manitoba Millennium Band. (Followed closely by any forest green t-shirt or polo shirt, then black short-sleeved shirt. Please wear black bottoms – shorts are fine).

Concert/Rehearsal Order is:

  • 22 – The Stripper
  • 70 – The Maple Leaf Forever
  • 66 – Arctic Fire
  • 65- Moana
  • 69 – City of Dreams
  • 44 – Glee Showstoppers
  • 7 – Swing the Mood

Additional pieces for review/rehearsal are:

  • 71 – Garlandstone
  • 72 – Where No Man Has Gone Before (this is our concert spare, but I don’t think we’ll need it)
  • 30 – Funiculi, funicula

(I’ll be posting the Concert Information for July 24 in the next day or two)

If anyone can take a video of this concert – especially City of Dreams – or knows someone who may be willing to do this for us, please speak with me at rehearsal this week (or reach out via email). It would be amazing to share this with the composer!

See you Wednesday!

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