Rehearsal Plan – July 10, 2019

You are all rock stars this week – as usual! It is such a treat to work with a group of folks who are so responsive and dedicated! We’re on track to have a great opening performance – there are 2 more rehearsals before our season debut!

Speaking of performances – if you’re aware that you can’t make a gig, please let me know as soon as you’re able to. Some parts are critical and I may have to write out cues, so the sooner I know, the sooner I can get that looked after.

In other news, I have somehow become the Lost & Found Coordinator. I currently have two items that do not belong to me in my possession: a grey umbrella from July 3, and a wood-tone water bottle from the last week in June. I will have them at next week’s rehearsal.

Here’s what our rehearsal this week will be drawn from (I’m not sure we’ll get to all of these, but as we get closer to performances, there will be more running of pieces and I’m feeling that we’re getting there):

  • 7 – Swing The Mood
  • 30 – Funniculi, Funnicula
  • 44 – Glee
  • 65 – Moana
  • 66 – Arctic Fire
  • 69 – City of Dreams
  • 70 – The Maple Leaf Forever
  • 71 – Garlandstone
  • 72 – Where No Man Has Gone Before

I should have something close to a final list for our July 24 concert ready next week. (I haven’t forgotten about it!)

See you on Wednesday!

One thought on “Rehearsal Plan – July 10, 2019”

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    This message is from Tim Slavin. I play tenor sax and I just wanted to let you know that due to scheduled hernia surgery on Wednesday July 10th, I will be missing that rehearsal and I expect that will also be the case for the following week. I’ll keep you posted about July 24th. It all depends on how quickly, or slowly the healing goes.

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