Rehearsal Plan – June 20

It was so lovely to have some new faces joining us and to see so many out!

And we’re now faced with a shortage of Clarinet binders. Please consider this a call for a couple of volunteers to leave their binder at the June 20 rehearsal so we can get extra binders made up.

Here’s the list of pieces we’ll be drawing from at our next rehearsal:

  • 3 – Classic Rock’n’Roll
  • 9 – Arabian Dances
  • 21 – A Disney Spectacular
  • 36 – Space and Beyond
  • 63 – Hallelujah
  • 71 – Garlandstone
  • 73 – Adagio Cantabile
  • 74 – Final Countdown
  • 76 – Sweet Caroline
  • 77 – Sesame Street Celebration

I also promised to post a link to a bit of Theory on Scales (and Key Signatures). Here’s that link.

I hope you’re all having a lovely week!

See you Thursday!


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