Rehearsal Plan – May 25

Well, Folks, we’re off to the races!

Our second rehearsal was very well attended, and colour me impressed! I’m predicting that we’re going to have a really fun summer!

And it’s not only your playing that’s impressive! I mean, the sheer ingenuity of substituting butter knives for a key piece of equipment – and not have it be noticeable until a particularly virtuostic (and exposed) moment near the end of rehearsal! – is just on another level! Hats off!

This coming week, May 25, will be our last Saturday rehearsal. There will be a short gap as we transition to Thursdays beginning June 6, at our “home” rehearsal location (Bourkevale Community Centre). Have no fear! I’ll remind everyone both at our Saturday rehearsal and in the subsequent blog post.

Here is the list of pieces I’m hoping to touch on Saturday (we may not get to all of them, and they’re in numerical rather than rehearsal order):

  • 3 – Classic Rock’n’Roll
  • 9 – Arabian Dances
  • 21 – A Disney Spectacular
  • 29 – O Whistle and I’ll Come to Thee
  • 36 – Space and Beyond
  • 57 – Wade in the Water
  • 60 – Dragonheart
  • 71 – Garlandstone
  • 73 – Adagio Cantabile
  • 74 – Final Countdown
  • 76 – Sweet Caroline
  • 77 – Sesame Street Celebration

I hope everyone has a fantastic week, and I look forward to our next time together!


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