Concert Information – September 8, 2019 – Bourkevale

Wow. I blinked and the summer was gone. Here we are, gearing up for our final concert of the season! I know I say this every year, but it’s also true every year: this has been our best summer yet!

Before we get to SUNDAY’s performance, I did want to thank you all for an excellent job at Shaftesbury last week! One of the residents asked us to come back next year. Another expressed his approval of our repertoire choices. I felt that we acquitted ourselves really well, and it was a performance we should be proud of!

If you are aware that you play a key part (solo, section soli, etc) and you are not able to make this concert, please let me know asap as I may need to write out cues for another section to play! 

So details for our final gig are as follows: 

Where: Bourkevale Community Centre – 100 Ferry Rd

When: SUNDAY, September 8. Call time is 11:30 am.

Dress: Millennium t-shirt/green short sleeved shirt/black short-sleeved shirt & black bottoms

This will be an outdoor performance, so please DO bring clips for your music/plexiglass, and maybe something to weigh down light music stands!

This is also a 90-minute performance, and they don’t usually have a mic available, so I can’t help out by padding our time with patter.

Concert Programme

22 – The Stripper

70 – The Maple Leaf Forever

69 – City of Dreams

65 – Moana

30 – Funiculi, Funicula

44 – Glee Showstoppers

42 – Northwind

7 – Swing the Mood

71 – Garlandstone

72 – Where No Man Has Gone Before

25 – The Blue Orchid

17 – Eine Kleine Rockmusik

Please turn in your binders at this performance. If you have shifted the order around, please make sure you put it back in numerical order. This makes a really big difference to the librarian!

See you on Sunday!

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