Rehearsal Plan – August 21, 2019

Good evening, folks!

I apologise for the delay in posting this. (I’ll have the concert information up tomorrow).

Victoria Beach was a SMASHING success! I am so proud of all of you! I think, with only one exception, every piece was the best we’ve ever played it! Your work was spectacular, and it was easy to see that the audience was really into it! It was lovely to have so many of you out, and to have so many stay for the barbecue!

Tomorrow IS our final rehearsal of the summer. We’ll be doing more spot-checking than anything else, although there are a couple of pieces we’ll run through in their entirety.

Here is concert order (* will be reviewed in some capacity):

22 – The Stripper

70 – The Maple Leaf Forever

66 – Arctic Fire

65- Moana

*69 – City of Dreams

*44 – Glee Showstoppers

7 – Swing the Mood

We will also be looking at (with an eye to our Sept 8 gig):

*17 – Eine Kleine Rockmusik

*72 – Where No Man Has Gone Before

*30 – Funniculi, Funnicula

*71 – Garlandstone

See you tomorrow!

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